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Further education

Continuous training increases the quality for the patient and the patient. In qualified training, the latest scientific knowledge is passed on which support an adequate treatment.

Below you will find the further training courses attended by Alexander Haus ordered alphabetically and by subject.

Public health and prophylaxis

Topic Place Year
Burnout Consulting IPS 2007
Social Competence IPS 2007
Time Management IPS 2008
Diploma Thesis "Entropy in Organizational Management" IPS 2009
Book "Life balance - balanced living, but how?" AH 2014
Book "Leading with Values" AH 2016
Goal-oriented lifestyle and motivation ILE 2016

Trauma work and sexual disorders

Especially sexual trauma    
Topic Place Year
Abuse in early childhood IPS 2007
Escape and trauma VAP 2017
Posttraumatic stress disorder ILE 2016
Sexual disorders IPS 2007

Work with people suffering from schizophrenia

Topic Place Year
Clinical study AH et al ongoing
Psychotic disorders ILE 2016
Diploma Thesis "Meaningful Coping Strategies of Patients suffering from Schizophrenia" ILE 2017

General topics

In alphabetical order        
Abortion SGM 2015    
Accompanying Dementia IPS 2008    
Accompanying the dying IPS 2008    
ACT Therapy SGM 2015    
ADHD IPS 2006    
Age depression SGPP 2016    
Aggression Management SGM 2015 as well as NAGS 2015
Art & Creativity Therapies IPS 2008 and 2009    
Basic convictions SGPP 2016    
Behavioral Therapy IPS 2007    
Chronic sleep disorder SGPP 2015    
Client-centered Psychotherapy IPS 2007    
Connective tissues SGM 2015    
Counselling for elderly people P&G 2017    
Dealing with social-insurance SGM 2016    
Dialectic Behavioral Therapy AWP 2015    
Eating disorders IPS 2007 as well as SGPP 2015
Forgiveness SGPP 2016    
Gestalt therapy IPS 2009    
Group Psychotherapy IPS 2007    
Holistic therapy SGM 2015 and 2016    
Inflammatory joint diseases SGPP 2015    
Lifestyle / Script Analysis IPS 2006    
Light therapy curing depression SGM 2015    
Logotherapy & Existencial Analysis ILE 2015 until 2018    
Motivational Interviewing SGPP 2018    
Multiple personality disorder SGM 2015    
Neurological attacks SGPP 2016    
Nutrition SGPP 2016    
OCEAN-Inventory SELA 2018    
Online Pastoral Care IPS 2008    
Postpartum disorders SGPP 2015    
Prayer in therapy SGM 2015    
Pre menstrual syndrome SGM 2015    
Self awareness (single and group experience) ILE 2018    
SKILLS Training AWP 2015    
SMART Concept SGM 2015    
Socratic Dialogue ILE 2016    
Spirituality in Therapy SGM 2015    
Today's Challenges of Psychiatry SGPP 2015    
Yoga and meditation SGM 2015    


AH Alexander Haus
AWP Working Group for Scientific Psychotherapy, Zurich, Switzerland
ILE Swiss Institute of Logotherapy and Existence Analysis, Chur, Switzerland
IPS Institute of Psychology and Pastoral Care, Freudenstadt, Germany
NAGS Network Aggression Management in Health and Social Affairs Switzerland
P&G Circle of Experts Psychology and Faith, Strengelbach, Switzerland
SELA Foundation for Counselling, Pastoral Care and Education, Aarau Switzerland
SGPP Swiss Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Bern, Switzerland
SGM Foundation For Holistic Medicine, Clinic for Psychosomatics, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Langenthal, Switzerland
VAP Association of Aargovian Psychologists, Aarau, Switzerland