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Personal coaching is a process which is designed and defined in a relationship agreement between a client and a coach. It is based on the client's expressed interests, goals and objectives. When referring to getting coached by a professional coach, is a teaching or training process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal (for vital matters). The individual getting coached may be referred to as the client, the mentee or coachee, or they may be in an intern or apprenticeship relationship with the person coaching them.

In specialist literature these kinds of consultancy are not referred to as coaching but differentiated as consulting (for companies) and training and teaching. Financial coaching (for financial matters) is an emerging form of coaching that focuses on helping clients attain their financial goals. In contrast to financial counsellors and educators, financial coaches do not provide financial advice to clients, nor do they focus on providing financial information. As such, financial coaches do not need to be experts in personal finance. At its most basic, financial coaching is a one-on-one relationship in which the coach provides encouragement and holds the client accountable to financial goals.

Extracted from wikipedia