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Counselling Psychology and Diagnostics



Alexander Haus holds a diploma in Counselling Psychology and is your contact for questions about life balance, career planning and finance. In addition, Alexander Haus offers social counseling and theraphy for individuals and couples.

                                    Alexander Haus


Management Trainer. Studies in theology, psychology, psychotherapy and educaion. Worked several years as a product manager and securities dealer at a Swiss bank. Persolog Trainer (DISC personality model). Diploma in General Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care (APS) with Prof. Dr. Michael Dieterich. PST-R Consultant (Personality structure test). Management coaching, Consulting of individuals. Management functions in various committees. Author.

A personal touch

Since 1999 I follow the vision of supporting people in whatever circumstances they are caught in.

In the year 2001 after theological studies, I was one of the Co-Founders of the children and youth relief organisation VOKI INTERNATIONAL in which I invest according my abilities: SUPPORTING an SERVING.

In 2006 when I started my training in Pastoral Care, I learned to treasure another aspect and step by step to set this also into practice: HEALING.

In 2009 I started with professional Coaching and to speak in public as founder and Managing Partner of Petra Partners LLC, Coaching & Consulting: PASSING ON.

Through several years of experience and training it has become important to me to pass on what has been given unto me: MULTIPLICATION.

Coaching mandates in the areas of

- Agriculture
- Processing industry
- Trade
- Traffic
- Gastronomy
- Communication
- Financial industry
- Services
- Education
- Health and social services
- Arts 
- Households
- Public administration
- Politics
- Churches
- NPO's / NGO's


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