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                                    Alexander Haus


Management Trainer. Studies in theology, psychology, psychotherapy and educaion. Worked several years as a product manager and securities dealer at a Swiss bank. Persolog Trainer (DISC personality model). Diploma in General Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care (APS) with Prof. Dr. Michael Dieterich. PST-R Consultant (Personality structure test). Management coaching, Consulting of individuals. Management functions in various committees. Author.

Alexander Haus holds a diploma in Counselling Psychology and is your contact for questions about life balance, career planning and finance. In addition, Alexander Haus offers social counseling and theraphy for individuals and couples.

A personal touch

Since 1999 I follow the vision of supporting people in whatever circumstances they are caught in.

In the year 2001 after theological studies, I was one of the Co-Founders of the children and youth relief organisation VOKI INTERNATIONAL in which I invest according my abilities: SUPPORTING an SERVING.

In 2006 when I started my training in Pastoral Care, I learned to treasure another aspect and step by step to set this also into practice: HEALING.

In 2009 I started with professional Coaching and to speak in public as founder and Managing Partner of Petra Partners LLC, Coaching & Consulting: PASSING ON.

Through several years of experience and training it has become important to me to pass on what has been given unto me: MULTIPLICATION.

Coaching mandates in the areas of

- Agriculture
- Processing industry
- Trade
- Traffic
- Gastronomy
- Communication
- Financial industry
- Services
- Education
- Health and social services
- Arts 
- Households
- Public administration
- Politics
- Churches
- NPO's / NGO's


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